澳门百老汇4001官网有限公司. is one of the largest and most experienced property management companies in Middle Tennessee, employing marketing and administrative services to fill and manage leased properties.

作为一家提供全方位澳门百老汇4001注册的物业管理公司, we offer the most comprehensive and cost effective management solution in the industry for residential property management. 澳门百老汇4001官网有限公司. team has established a higher standard for 莫非斯堡 property management that is unsurpassed by our competition. We not only anticipate your complete satisfaction; we depend on it. 以下只是我们提供的众多澳门百老汇4001注册中的一小部分:


Our market analysis helps landlords and us make data-informed decisions ab出 their rental property, including rate estimates and other information so they can invest and manage their investment property more wisely.

  • 莫非斯堡物业管理优化
  • 莫非斯堡物业管理见解
  • 莫非斯堡物业管理公司现金流

开始你的 免租价分析 通过填写右边的表格.

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We advertise by way of using yard signs and network of agents that work hand and hand with Stones River and its agents to provide a positive 出come for our clients. 最重要的是, our internet marketing consists of our website which averages over 10,000 views a month along with your property being pushed to an additional 85 sites.


We have licensed real estate agents on staff to show all properties. We do not hand 出 keys or give applicants a code to enter the property. We believe the best service is provided to our owners by having our agents present to secure the property and to answer any questions the applicants may have while on-site.


Tenant screening is of the utmost importance to our business to ensure a successful partnership with Stones River and our clients. 资格审查过程包括信用审查, 背景调查和所有租赁记录的审查.


Lease agreements are done electronically through our software program as long as the applicant has an email address. Lease agreements are typically for 12 months except in special circumstances.

收集安全存款 & 租金

一旦租户被批准,押金就会被收取. This secures the property for that tenant and it remains in escrow until the tenant vacates. Rent is collected at move-in and each month thereafter on the 1st of the month.


We provide the option of monthly rent deposits directly to your bank account at no extra charge. Monthly statements are also emailed and posted directly to your owner’s portal to view. You can log in at any time and view statements that have been posted each month.


Inspections are very important in our effort to provide a quality product for both owners and tenants. 财产检查每年进行一次. 检查将在租户搬出该物业后完成, 或者承租人选择续租, inspection will be done prior to lease renewal to determine the condition of the property. All of these inspections are included in our monthly management fee. Any additional inspections can be performed upon request for an additional fee.

支付 & 维护你的公用设施

As an owner, we know it can be very frustrating dealing with local utility companies. We take this hassle off of you each time a tenant vacates the property. We set up all utility services for your property while your property is vacant and pay for these services 出 of your property funds. Once a tenant occupies the property, utilities are transferred to tenant. 主人 may be required to contribute additional funds to property account while property is vacant to cover cost of utilities.








  • 30年的经验
  • Fully staffed and focused on property management, not traditional listings and sales
  • 没有隐藏的费用. 一切都是预付的,没有意外费用
  • 经过时间检验的申请人资格程序
  • 现实的定价
  • 24/7的内部维护支持
  • 澳门百老汇4001官网s shown by appointment; house keys never handed
  • 定期与业主沟通
  • 定制的管理计划
  • 很高兴能和你最喜欢的房地产经纪人共事



In 1811, the Tennessee State Legislature established a county seat for Rutherford County. The town was first named "Cannonsburgh" in honor of Tennessee politician Newton Cannon, but was soon renamed "莫非斯堡" for Revolutionary War hero Colonel Hardy Murfree, 后来成为作家玛丽·诺埃尔·默弗里的曾祖父.

随着田纳西向西发展, it became clear that having the state capital in Knoxville would be a burden to those who had to travel from the western end of the state. In 1818, 默弗里斯博罗成为田纳西州的首都直到1826年, 当纳什维尔成为州首府时.

Following the Confederate retreat from the Battle of Perryville in central Kentucky, Confederate forces moved through East Tennessee and then turned northwest to defend at 莫非斯堡. General Bragg's veteran cavalry was successful in harassing General Rosecrans' troop movements and in capturing and destroying supply trains, but could not completely stop the supplies and reinforcements from reaching Rosecrans. 尽管伤亡惨重, 这场战斗在战术上没有结果, 但被认为是联邦的胜利. 在战斗的最后, Confederate General Braxton Bragg retreated 36 miles (58 km) s出h to Tullahoma. General Rosecrans did not pursue until he had a secure logistical posture six months later in June 1863. The battle was strategically significant since it provided the basis for the further movement to 查塔努加 and Atlanta which would eventually result in the Union splitting the Eastern and Western theaters by Sherman's March to the Sea. 石河国家战场现在是一个历史遗迹.








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